Our company

We provide sourcing for PCB manufacturing for business and private clients.

Established in 2011 ITS-2 Ltd. is a sourcing and logistics company based in Bulgaria. We work with all types of clients, most of them are from Eastern Europe. To source products in the open market. Flexibility and innovation are at the heart of how we meet our customer’s needs. With spirit and enthusiasm, our team will take care of your demands. We have a stable list of suppliers from Far East.

As a sourcing agents we are determine to assist our clients to give life of their dreams, whether it is a new idea, invention or product. We can help you finding everything you need at the best terms – highest quality, competitive price and short lead time. Our team have fluent working proficiency in English, French, Russian and Bulgarian, with strong experience and technical background.

Why we are the best

Our mission is very clear - provide best and fully tested products and solutions for our customers.

In the age of the internet, you have access to huge amount of information and therefore it seems a good question to ask – why do you need a sourcing agent, as you can find everything on internet? Why bother to look for a middle man if you can go ahead and find suppliers yourself?

Sourcing is the very first step in the whole process chain and it turned out to be the key to success for most businesses. There are many well-established platforms when it comes to sourcing products like Digi-Key, Arrow Electronics, Mouser, Alibaba, Global Source. But in most cases you are not able to find all that you need. Those sites are good place to look at first for general information. But you have to be very careful to place an order from a supplier without knowing him, due to serious issues in scams and frauds.

Another problem you may face is when the product is out of stock, and you have to wait for months to get it. We can dig deeper to find those parts for you, and if there is no option to get it, we will suggest a perfect match for you.

Quality of the products – very important part of your project. We ensure high quality of the parts we provide. If you are going to order from unverified supplier, there is a risk of receiving refurbished, or replaced sigh of the part or poor quality.

Logistics and taxes – to complete your whole BOM list, most likely you will need different suppliers from different places – China, Europe, USA. We can take care of all headaches during this process of transport, customs, papers and so on.

Without a trustworthy sourcing agent as your reliable partner in your projects, you are going to bear the consequences of all these things about at your own risk. With a very fair amount of service fee, we can guarantee you a high quality components with short lead time and eliminate the risk of crew up the whole project.

We provide everything in time!

  • April 2011The Beginning

    The beginning of our company. Started reselling computer hardware - laptops, office and network equipment.
  • June 2012Importing

    We start to import our own products for the local market. Tablet and phone cases, some home electronics, cables and others.
  • September 2014Procuring Electronic Parts

    Start to work with our first clients that need supply of high quality SMD components. Buiding a network ot trusted suppliers.
  • May 2017Solar Plants

    We start to offer building Sloar Plants for small holmes and country houses. We offer off grid and on grid systems. With up to 16kW of power consummation.
  • Decebmer 2018PCB Building

    Now we offer for our clients not only finding semiconductor components, but building the whole project - including making PCB with up to 4 layers.
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